Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

TD’s (Touchdowns) II – 2019 Regular Season

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Targets and TD's

I continue to look back at the 2019 Regular Season and those statistics that I utilize most. Those being the same as the site name, my Targets and TD’s pages for 2019. Last week I reviewed the TD’s (Touchdowns) – 2019 Regular Season (players 1-50, rushing and receiving touchdowns) and this week I will do the same for the TD’s (Touchdowns) II – 2019 Regular Season (players 51-100, rushing and receiving touchdowns). Passing touchdowns are a different aspect that will primarily effect the quarterback position. I imagine I will look at those in the future.

Touchdowns are a significant driver of fantasy football success as most leagues will reward the rushing and receiving touchdowns with 6 points! That could be a quick extra 60 rushing yards, 12 more catches in half point per reception leagues, 6 more catches in full point per reception leagues! (all depending on your leagues settings of course) A touchdown is a quick boost to accumulating the needed points to win your weekly fantasy football game each week. Compared to Targets, TD’s (Touchdowns) are less consistent and predictable for the most part from year to year. Although if you find a trend or opportunity for those players getting the touchdowns you will have the edge! This week let’s look at TD’s for those players ranking 51-100 in the category!

TD’s (Touchdowns) II

With such a category as touchdowns (receiving & rushing) the majority of the players we will come across are going to be running backs and wide receivers (they are your primary ball catchers and runners). Of the top 51-100 players with touchdowns from the 2019 regular season the list includes 13 running backs, 29 wide receivers and 8 tight ends. With tight ends having the least representation on this list I was most intrigued as to the opportunity for them. Below I listed them along with a couple previous years touchdown totals as well. It may be wise to keep these names at the ready come the 2020 Fantasy Football season if they find themselves with similar opportunities.

Tight End – TD’s
Name2019 Touchdowns2018 Touchdowns2017 Touchdowns
Zach Ertz688
Austin Hooper643
Kyle Rudolph648
Travis Kelce6108
Ryan Griffin501
Hunter Henry5
*(12 games)
Mike Gesicki5N/AN/A
Dallas Goedert5
*(15 games)

Five of the tight ends above showed up on my Targets – 2019 Regular Season; Zach Ertz, Austin Hooper, Travis Kelce, Hunter Henry and Dallas Goedert. It seems to me that per his previous year TD rate that Kelce is likely to get the most touchdowns in 2020. Zach Ertz may increase his touchdowns again but with the steadily increasing usage of Dallas Goedert for the Philadelphia Eagles, Ertz may not have as high of a ceiling as Travis Kelce. Austin Hooper has the possibility to keep the steady increase or maybe he just drops back down to his previous year’s rate. I will be interested to see which team Austin Hooper is with come the 2020 season.

Kyle Rudolph may increase his touchdowns but I think with the Minnesota Vikings running the ball more, that will further limit Rudolph’s touchdown opportunity in 2020. I think both Ryan Griffin and Mike Gesicki have a nice opportunity to increase their TD’s as they are both on teams that want to use them more. I maybe lean Gesicki over Griffin in my ranks as Gesicki is the younger talent and would have more to build upon in his situation. Although Griffin proved to be a favorite target on the New York Jets too, his history of touchdowns has just been lower than his 2019 production. Hunter Henry has a great opportunity as long as he is on a team that wants to use him. He was right there with others on this list and he did it in 12 games! Opportunity, opportunity if….Henry stays available!

Wide Receiver & Running Back

Of the remaining 42 players ranking between 51-100 for touchdowns scored in 2019 (all running backs and wide receivers), I was curious who did it in less games. I concentrated on those players that played 14 games or less in the 2019 NFL season. The thought here would be if these players below were healthy and played all 16 games in 2020, they may have opportunity for more touchdowns.

Wide Receiver & Running Back – 6 TD’s
Name2019 Games Played
Michael Gallup14
Breshad Perriman14
Tyrell Williams14
Devonta Freeman14
Alvin Kamara14
Jamaal Williams14
David Johnson13
Golden Tate11

Of this list, Alvin Kamara, Devonta Freeman and Golden Tate also showed up on my highly targeted players in Targets – 2019 Regular Season.

Wide Receiver & Running Back – 5 TD’s
Name2019 Games Played
Phillip Dorsett14
Malcolm Brown14
Chase Edmonds13
Davante Adams12
Emmanuel Sanders10
T.Y. Hilton10
Alshon Jeffrey10

As I was looking at the top end of the 51-100 players I realized a few had scored 7 touchdowns in 14 games or less. So I decided to look at all players that scored 7 touchdowns (includes some of the players that were on the bottom end of the 1-50 players scoring touchdowns in last week’s post, TD’s (Touchdowns) – 2019 Regular Season) in 2019 and list the players that did it in 14 games or less. Again, more opportunity if these players can stay healthy for the whole season of 2020.

Wide Receiver & Running Back – 7 TD’s
Name2019 Games Played
Terry McLaurin14
Marquise Brown14
Tevin Coleman14
Calvin Ridley13
Josh Jacobs13
Tyreek Hill12
Damien Williams11
Adam Thielen10
James Conner10
Jordan Howard10

Of this list, Tyreek Hill also showed up on my highly targeted players in Targets – 2019 Regular Season.

At the end of the day (or season) the best ability is availability. Plenty of players aren’t available all season long. Their production can sometimes be missed on year end stat sheets. Do you pick all the highlighted touchdown players in the first few rounds of your 2020 drafts? Probably not. Although when you compare them to others around their average draft position, I would tend to lean towards the player that is getting more touchdowns than not. Also, if there are highly targeted players that are also getting touchdown opportunities, that’s ideal in my book. Feel free to reference the Targets and TD’s pages to see who has gotten the looks and end-zone appearances through the 2019 regular season.

Targets and TD's

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