Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Targets and TDs Fantasy Football


The Beginning

Well hello there!, my name is Nick and I started playing fantasy football in what the league settings says is 2009 but boy, it feels like it was 2004 when this fun began. I waited until the powers that be automated a majority of leagues so that you could simply log onto your computer, draft a team and manage it throughout the year. A few members in my initial fantasy football league speak of the days of; snail mail correspondence, calling in picks or trades, or grabbing the morning paper to hand calculate their teams points that week…say what!?!?! At that point in my life I was in college and had a few other things on my plate besides hand calculating points each week for a make believe team that I pretended to own all season.

Jumping In!

I dove into fantasy football back in ’09, as a couple guys (those that played before we were using computers), explained to the rest of us what we were trying to do. I did a bit of research before that initial draft, but in order to find the information, statistics and knowledge I yearned for, I began watching multiple NFL games every week. My 1,2,3 punch that year was Drew Brees, Chris Johnson and Wes Welker. Those guys along with the rest of the team, took me to 3rd place out of 12 teams at the end of the year. I must have done a few things right along the way and enjoyed the time that my college buddies and I had while playing. I was in for the next year and ready to improve upon my initial finish. That’s how it started….

To Date

I currently play in 7 leagues that range in various settings of: PPR scoring, half-point PPR scoring, standard scoring, Keeper, Dynasty, 2 QB League/Superflex, 1 QB League and a Daily Fantasy Football League. They are all a little different with their intricacies that I enjoy learning. It’s fun and keeps me connected with groups of friends and family through the year (as we can’t all be next door neighbors). So why not take it another step further and start a blog to share my thoughts and ideas on this endeavor. Like most, I continue to gather data and statistics to find the best advantage that I can get in each league. As much as we strive for perfection in this make-believe world it is as rare as seeing one of those rainbow unicorns walking down your street. You have to be comfortable with your reasoning as to why you started who you did and let the chips fall where they may. Then just like anything else, maybe learn a little from the past to make smarter moves in the future.

It’s fun, Enjoy it, Share it!

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