Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Kickers – 2020 Outlook

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Kickers Targets and TDs

The upcoming Fantasy Football 2020 season has me looking at the Kickers this week after the Defense & Special Teams – 2020 Outlook last week. I don’t even rank these guys currently but figured to give them some ink as I know a lot of leagues still utilize them. When it comes to Kickers I am initially looking at their ability to score points and most times be a part of a Top Offense that can produce lots of Touchdowns! Although even if they don’t get all Touchdowns, kicking field goals may work well for Kickers too! As most times that is more points for your kicker. Below I go through the available Kickers this year and group them in tiers with feedback and thoughts.

Kickers – The Best

  • Harrison Butker
  • Justin Tucker
  • Will Lutz

It is no surprise that my top 3 Kickers this year are on some pretty offensive teams being the Chiefs, Ravens and Saints. They have consistently been in the top tier of Kickers the last few years. If you prefer a mostly indoor Kicker, you go Lutz. If you prefer the most offensive team you go Butker or Tucker whichever your preference. These guys are going between Rounds 14 and 16 in most drafts. I would lean towards Butker as my choice within this group.

Kickers – Really Good

  • Robbie Gould
  • Greg Zuerlein
  • Younghoe Koo
  • Matt Gay
  • Chris Boswell
  • Zane Gonzalez
  • Jake Elliott
  • Matt Prater

Again, these Kickers are from teams that are going to be pretty productive on the offensive side of the ball in the 2020 season. They are going at the end of drafts usually in Rounds 15 and 16. If I needed to pick one of these really good Kickers I would go with Koo with that offense in Atlanta.

Kickers – Upside

Call them dart throws, even later round/waiver wire Kickers with upside that could improve upon last year and have a larger role in 2020. Some of the following are top of mind:

  • Josh Lambo
  • Ka’imi Fairbairn
  • Dan Bailey
  • Jason Myers

When looking for the upside and most of the offensive kickers are gone, I tend to lean towards teams that aren’t the best in the redzone. They can move the ball between the 20’s during the game but they aren’t doing well with punching it in for the Touchdowns as often. So when you aren’t consistently getting the Touchdowns but are able to move the offense up and down the field. The Kicker may get a few more field goal opportunities that can make up for the limited opportunities that they will get in a given game.

Kickers Final Thoughts

It can be tough to predict which player will be the best Kicker each year. So by getting a Kicker that is on an offensive team in the 2020 Fantasy Football season you can set yourself up for success. These guys should be taken at the end of your drafts and have the least amount of scoring gaps amongst them. So don’t stress if you don’t get a Top 5 Kicker, your Kicker in the Top 12 may only be a couple points behind the best ones this year. Just like trying to find the Targets & Touchdowns each year, if you see a trend of a Kicker getting plenty of extra point and field goal opportunities, it may not hurt to give him a shot on your team. If you believe a Kicker is set to be in the mix on an offensive team that can get many Touchdowns this season, you know I would be interested in them!

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I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy! Enjoy the journey in the upcoming 2020 Fantasy Football Season!

Reference the Targets and TDs pages to see who had the opportunities and end-zone appearances through the 2019 regular season. Statistics courtesy of The Football Database , a great resource for your NFL players statistics. If you enjoyed the article please share it with others (via the social media links).

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