Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

2024 Post NFL Draft

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The 2024 NFL Draft has concluded, marking a record-breaking and highly energetic event! With an atmosphere charged by numerous trades, this year’s draft not only entertained but also set new attendance highs. Now begins the eagerly anticipated phase for both football enthusiasts and fantasy league participants—the post-draft analysis. This is when we delve into the potential impact of these rookies within their new teams. As the teams adjust their rosters, it’s the perfect time to evaluate which players are poised to make a significant mark on fantasy football scores as they kick off their professional careers.


I think a few Quarterbacks will get their opportunity at some point in the 2024 NFL Season. It seems certain that the picks of Williams, Daniels and Nix will get the start from day 1 for their teams. While others may have to wait to get their number called later on in the season. In the early stages of their careers, Quarterbacks can leverage their rushing yards to compensate for their passing performance, often catching defenses by surprise. Some Quarterbacks that I am keeping an eye on going into the 2024 NFL Season in regards to Fantasy Football are (in order of preference):

  1. Caleb Williams – CHI – top guy in the class, see what he can do in Chicago.
  2. JJ McCarthy – MIN – great team and opportunity, will see when he takes the job.
  3. Jayden Daniels – WAS – love the running ability, scared of the comparison to Robert Griffin III as makes me think it could be short lived with his high opportunity for injury.
  4. Bo Nix – DEN – looks pretty set to start out of the gates, do things get better in Denver?
  5. Drake Maye – NE – set to change the story in New England, how soon will he get the job.
  6. Michael Penix Jr – ATL – upside, upside seems less likely it’s this year we see him but a very nice pick for the future.
  7. Spencer Rattler – NO – previous top guy in this class, does he take an opportunity in a nice spot in New Orleans?
  8. Joe Milton III – NE – strong arm, unlikely starter but late round QB have worked for New England and others in the past.

Running Backs

Although this year’s draft class wasn’t loaded with highly drafted Running Backs, there are several players who could seize their chance to shine both this season and beyond. Of all positions this is the one where rookies can have the quickest impact. Although, in a league that seems to devalue the position most opportunities will likely be complimentary roles as the 2024 NFL Season starts. Some names that caught my eye for Running Back opportunity heading into the 2024 NFL Season for Fantasy Football are (in order of preference):

  1. Jonathan Brooks – CAR – good player, good spot. Let’s see how quickly he is out on the field after his injury.
  2. Trey Benson – ARI – nice opportunity to get worked into a fantasy productive offense.
  3. Blake Corum – LAR – seems like a replica of the guy the Rams have currently leading the back field. Does he split any early on or just wait his turn?
  4. Jaylen Wright – MIA – great spot, will be curious when his opportunity will come. It feels like once either of the 2 guys currently there (Moster, Achane) go down, he can get in there.
  5. Marshawn Lloyd – GB – good player that should push for time behind the starter. May need to wait a little to get his shot as the guy.
  6. Ray Davis – BUF – imagine he could get some run to spell James Cook in a nice offense.
  7. Isaac Guerendo – SF – love the team and style of running. Can he climb the depth chart at the position to fight for opportunities in the future?
  8. Tyrone Tracy Jr. – NYG – like the talent and opportunity, does he take it?
  9. Kimani Vidal – LAC – pretty sure this team will be run first and like his explosiveness compared to the guys that he will be joining in this backfield.
  10. Bucky Irving – TB – think he pushes for time behind White and has receiving skills.
  11. Dylan Laube – LV – interesting option for Vegas, excited to see his opportunities.
  12. Braelon Allen – NYJ – bummer to be behind Breece but if he gets his shot, I do like the talent.
  13. Audric Estime – DEN – big body back with speed and power that should get a shot at a complement role. Does he push for more?
  14. Rasheen Ali – BAL – always a pretty good offense to join, does he have a shot if Mitchell isn’t back from injury?

Wide Receivers

This year’s draft features a deep pool of Wide Receivers, making it a great time to consider adding a few to your roster. They usually need a little time in the beginning of the season to get up to speed in producing consistent fantasy football points weekly. Be patient as the season starts out and look for the consistency later in this rookie season. Some Wide Receivers that I will be watching heading into the 2024 NFL season in regards to Fantasy Football initially are (in order of preference):

  1. Marvin Harrison Jr. – ARI – top guy, consensus top 3 for most everyone in a fantastic opportunity to get plenty of targets.
  2. Malik Nabers – NYG – top 2 or 3 at the position who should be the top wideout for a so-so offense.
  3. Rome Odunze – CHI – top 3 guy who will have a rookie quarterback and starting behind 2 veterans. Give it time for this one but he will have a nice opportunity.
  4. Brian Thomas Jr. – JAX – believed in the player coming out of college, first round talent in an offense not afraid to pass. Seems like he is setup for success!
  5. Ricky Pearsall – SF – love the versatility, just not sure how early and consistent we will have it this year with both Aiyuk and Deebo still in town.
  6. Xavier Worthy – KC – fastest guy this class, on a top offense in the league.
  7. Ladd McConkey – LAC – slotted to take on the Keenan Allen role in the offense!
  8. Keon Coleman – BUF – starts as the top wideout on the team, so will see plenty of opportunities in a great offense.
  9. Jermaine Burton – CIN – nice offense to find himself in, opportunity to grow from this year to next.
  10. Xavier Legette – CAR – wasn’t big on him but he got nice draft capital and we are hoping for a better Panther offense in 2024.
  11. Jaylen Polk – NE – like the player, cautious of landing spot but staying hopeful.
  12. Adonai Mitchell – IND – nice opportunity with the Colts.
  13. Roman Wilson – PIT – can he be Diontae Johnson 2.0? That seems to be the role he will fill.
  14. Jalen McMillan – TB – liked the player, spot may be more fruitful in future years but curious what he can do in 2024.
  15. Malachi Corley – NYJ – wasn’t big on him and it’s the Jets, but seems like he is a player that they want to get the ball to after Wilson, so maybe there will be something there.
  16. Javon Baker – NE – like the talent, it’s been a while since good receivers get to New England but he may well be better than the pick 2 rounds ahead of him for the Pats.
  17. Luke McCaffrey – WAS – talent, name on an improving offense. Let’s see what happens.
  18. Troy Franklin – DEN – like the talent and player. Curious he went so low but back with his college QB would seem to be beneficial.
  19. Devontez Walker – BAL – like the player just not sure what to make of the options this team has at the position if everyone is healthy.
  20. Ainias Smith – PHI – dynamic playmaker that can be all over the field, interested to see his use.
  21. Johnny Wilson – PHI – big wide out that has been linked to maybe going TE, interested to see his usage in Philly.

Tight Ends

The Tight Ends look to have a top talent followed by some depth. Usually, a few years are needed before these guys become fantasy football relevant. Some Tight Ends that I am interested to see grow in their NFL career are (in order of preference):

  1. Brock Bowers – LV – top guy at the position, just not the greatest team spot but am sure he will make do.
  2. Ben Sinnott – WAS – will he get playing time with or over the vet Ertz? Rookie QB’s do like their TE outlets early on.
  3. Erick All – CIN – athletic, just needs to stay healthy and is in a nice offense.
  4. Ja’Tavion Sanders – CAR – went later than some thought but looks like a good shot to be the guy in Carolina.
  5. Theo Johnson – NYG – will this athletic guy get a shot in New York?
  6. Cade Stover – HOU – back with a familiar QB, seems like it would bode well for future targets.
  7. Tip Reiman – ARI – thinking he will just be blocking, but will see.
  8. AJ Barner – SEA – low expectations but he seemed to do well at Michigan with limited opportunities and Seattle does mix in a few Tight Ends at times.
  9. Jared Wiley – KC – always want to see the options behind Kelce and they do put a few Tight Ends out there with the variety of plays they create.
  10. Tanner McLachlan – CIN – again a nice offense looking for a Tight End to step into a role.
  11. Jaheim Bell – NE – seemed like a good option going into the draft at the position, similar to the wide outs will see what New England can create here.

2024 Post NFL Draft Final Thoughts

Reflecting on these initial evaluations before the season starts will be intriguing. Certainly, some players may fall off my radar while others might emerge. Once drafted, players enter a phase of practice and learning, which is crucial for securing their playing time based on their grasp of concepts and schemes. Also, a Wide Receiver on a run-heavy team might not excel, whereas a stellar Running Back in a predominantly passing offense might not find as much success in fantasy football. Consider the strategies of the teams these players are on and observe who climbs the depth charts over the summer.

Ability, Availability and Opportunity have all gotten the players to this point! Some players are closer than others in how much of an opportunity that they will have. Who will have the chance for Touchdowns? Who slides in for a good portion of Targets? If you believe a player is in line for either, you know I would be interested in them! If you missed it before the draft, feel free to check my thoughts leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft and keep it in mind when looking at rookies through a fantasy football lens.

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Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Find players that will have: Ability – Availability – Opportunity – Consistency – Advantage/Upside – Matchup

If your players are on an offensive team that can get many Targets and Touchdowns, you know I would be interested in them! Statistics courtesy of The Football Database , a great resource for your NFL players statistics. If you enjoyed the article please share it with others (via the social media links).

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Enjoy the journey throughout the 2024 Fantasy Football Season!

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