Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

2022 Touchdowns (TDs) – Regular Season Recap

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Touchdowns 2020 Season Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

After Targets, my next favorite statistic to use in maximizing my Fantasy Football lineups is Touchdowns (TDs).  I would like to look back and see who the best players were to get Touchdowns (TDs) (rushing & receiving) in the 2022 Regular Season. Touchdowns are a significant driver of Fantasy Football success. Most leagues will reward the rushing and receiving touchdowns with 6 points! They are also one of the less predictable statistics to use.

If you do find a trend or opportunity for those players getting Touchdowns (TDs) you will have an edge!  Let’s review Touchdowns (TDs) in the 2022 Regular Season!

2022 Touchdowns (TDs)

With a category as Touchdowns (TDs) (rushing & receiving) the majority of the players we will come across are going to be Running Backs and Wide Receivers (they are your primary ball catchers and runners). In the 2022 Regular Season 94 players scored 5 Touchdowns (TDs) or more. Of these top 94 players the list includes: 41 Running Backs, 36 Wide Receivers, 11 Tight Ends and 6 Quarterbacks.

The scarcity in which you find those 17 Non-Running Backs and Non-Wide Receivers is an opportunity to get that type of production at another position. The 17 Non-Running Backs and Non-Wide Receivers on the list are below, along with their last few years history of Touchdowns (TDs). It may be wise to keep these names in mind when the 2022 Fantasy Football Season starts. Especially if they find themselves with similar opportunities.

Touchdowns (TDs) – Quarterbacks

PlayerTeam2022 Total TDs2021 Total TDs2020 Total TDs2019 Total TDs2018 Total TDs
Jalen HurtsPHI1310300
Justin FieldsCHI82000
Josh AllenBUF76998
Daniel JonesNYG72120
Joe BurrowCIN52300
Trevor LawrenceJAX52000

Fields certainly looks to be on a similar trajectory that we saw Hurts take last year, so you can understand the excitement surrounding him.  Jones, Burrow and Lawrence all hit their highs for a year.  Can they replicate last year or return to previous year figures?  Allen has been consistent over the years but the threat of reducing his rushing role as he ages is certainly a thought.

Touchdowns (TDs) – Tight Ends

PlayerTeam2022 Total TDs2021 Total TDs2020 Total TDs2019 Total TDs2018 Total TDs
Travis KelceKC121011610
George KittleSF116255
Taysom HillNO95972
Juwan JohnsonNO74000
Cole KmetCHI70200
T.J. HockensonMIN64620
Dawson KnoxBUF69320
Jordan AkinsHOU50120
Mark AndrewsBAL597103
Mike GesickiMIA52650
Dalton SchultzDAL58400

Kelce, Kittle, Knox, Andrews and Schultz return from the same list last year! Also, keep note that depending on league settings, Taysom Hill (who usually is listed at QB but has been used at TE too) has shown consistency over the years in getting into the endzone.

Touchdowns (TDs) – Wide Receivers

PlayerTeam2022 Total TDs2021 Total TDs2020 Total TDs2019 Total TDs2018 Total TDs
Davante AdamsLV141118513
A.J. BrownPHI1151190
Stefon DiggsBUF1110869
Ja'Marr ChaseCIN913000
Amari CooperCLE98587
Tyreek HillMIA9917713
Justin JeffersonMIN910700
CeeDee LambDAL96600
Tyler LockettSEA9810810
Christian WatsonGB90000
Brandon AiyukSF85700
Christian KirkJAX85633
Jaylen WaddleMIA87000
Gabriel DavisBUF76700
Jahan DotsonWAS70000
Tee HigginsCIN76600
Cooper KuppLA7163106
D.J. MooreCAR74442
DeVonta SmithPHI75000
Mike EvansTB6141388
Mecole HardmanKC62460
Jerry JeudyDEN60300
Allen LazardGB68330
D.K. MetcalfSEA6121070
Jakobi MeyersNE62000
Amon-Ra St. BrownDET66000
Adam ThielenMIN6101479
Tyler BoydCIN55457
Devin DuvernayBAL52000
Russell GageTB54410
Zay JonesJAX51107
Isaiah McKenzieBUF52512
Terry McLaurinWAS55470
K.J. OsbornMIN57000
George PickensPIT50000
Curtis SamuelWAS50577
Deebo SamuelSF514160

Davante Adams standing alone as the only player to hit double digits the last 3 years! While Stefon Diggs has gotten to double digit Touchdowns (TDs) last year and the previous year! Opportunitiy seems to ring for those below double digits currently but have been there before. Some guys that may even be ascending with Touchdowns (TDs) going into the 2023 Fantasy Football Season: Brown, Chase, Cooper and possibly Jefferson.

Touchdowns (TDs) – Running Backs

PlayerTeam2022 Total TDs2021 Total TDs2020 Total TDs2019 Total TDs2018 Total TDs
Austin EkelerLAC18203116
Jamaal WilliamsDET173363
Nick ChubbCLE13912810
Derrick HenryTEN1310171812
Christian McCaffreySF13261913
Ezekiel ElliottDAL12128149
Josh JacobsLV1291270
Tony PollardDAL122530
Miles SandersPHI110660
Saquon BarkleyNYG1040815
Dalvin CookMIN10617134
Najee HarrisPIT1010000
Jerick McKinnonKC101600
Joe MixonCIN916489
Cordarrelle PattersonATL911104
Ken Walker IIISEA90000
James ConnerARI8186713
D'Andre SwiftDET871000
Cam AkersLA70300
AJ DillonGB77200
Aaron JonesGB71011199
Clyde Edwards-HelaireKC66500
Leonard FournetteTB610636
Alexander MattisonMIN64310
David MontgomeryCHI671070
Latavius MurrayDEN66566
Samaje PerineCIN62300
Devin SingletaryBUF68240
Rhamondre StevensonNE65000
Jeffery WilsonMIA621050
Kenyan DrakeBAL531089
Travis EtienneJAX50000
D'Onta ForemanCAR53101
Antonio GibsonWAS5101100
Breece HallNYJ50000
Khalil HerbertCHI52000
Raheem MostertMIA503101
Isiah PachecoKC50000
Dameon PierceHOU50000
James RobinsonNYJ581000

2 Running Backs scored more Touchdowns (TDs) than the top Wide Receiver (which happened in the 2021 season as well for 3 Running Backs). Ekeler, Elliott, Henry and Harris are back on this list again after scoring double digit Touchdowns (TDs) last year! I feel confident with the likes of Henry, McCaffrey, Ekeler and Jacobs returning to this list in the 2023 Fantasy Football Season. While the likes of Mixon, Walker, Jones and Akers look likely for a double digit Touchdown (TDs) year in the upcoming 2023 Fantasy Football Season.

2022 Touchdowns (TDs) – Regular Season Recap – Final Word

Always curious how the Touchdowns (TDs) shake out each season. Touchdowns (TDs) can swing a fantasy season. If you have those players that will see more Touchdowns (TDs) I feel you will have an edge. The above lists could be some names to keep in mind as you do your offseason review, ramp up for drafting your 2023 Fantasy Football Team or have trades to make now as you prepare for next year’s fantasy football season! Do you pick all these highlighted players in the first few rounds of your 2023 drafts? Probably not. Although when comparing them to others around their average draft position, I would tend to lean towards the player that is getting more Touchdowns (TDs) than not.

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Targets and TDs Fantasy Football

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If your players are on an offensive team that can get many Targets and Touchdowns, you know I would be interested in them! Statistics courtesy of The Football Database , a great resource for your NFL players statisticsIf you enjoyed the article please share it with others (via the social media links).

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I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy! Enjoy the journey throughout the 2021 – 2022 Fantasy Football Season!

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